For the first time in the continent’s history 24 teams are taking part in the football extravaganza hosted by Egypt. Some teams have been given the underdog tag but so far most countries like Burundi, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Uganda who were supposed to take the so called underdog tag are giving a good account of themselves.

Clarence Seedorf has been clear on this issue of Underdog’s during the press conference held today. The gaffer reiterated that all teams have equal chances but it would have been awkward for the coach of Guinea-Bissau to say they are not underdog’s in this one.

Seedorf in the presser was replying to Baciro Cande’s quote of Cameroon being the favorites: “It is normal and we are used to that. So, there is nothing special with what he said. I think the opposite would have been strange, right? People would like to play the underdog but it’s dangerous and we need to be aware that any team in this AFCON can beat the other team”.

Baciro Cande was at the helm when Guinea-Bissau narrowly lost to Cameroon at the group stage by 2-1 in the 2017 AFCON in Gabon; this time he meets a team with just 10 survivors of that 2017 group, and a new coach in Clarence Seedorf. The game would be played tomorrow Tuesday and these talks of underdog and main dog could finally be put to bed after 90 minutes with one team certain to drop arms and wave the white flag to another, or we could equally witness a share of the spoils that would better suit Guinea-Bissau. is in Ismaïla to bring you AFCON News as it unfolds.