Algeria will looking forward to win her first AFCON trophy in 29 years With a final against Senegal waiting for them.

Algerian politicians have decided to take strong measures so that their national team is massively supported on Friday during the final of the African Cup of Nations against Senegal at 9:00.

The Algerian authorities announced to have mobilized 28 aircraft to transport, via an air bridge, 4,800 supporters to Cairo.

According to concordant sources of AFP, there will be 13 Air Algerie aircraft, six Tassili Airlines and nine military aircraft. These planes will take off from all over the country.

The Algerian Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday by communiqué that it would make available nine military transport aircraft for the benefit of 870 Algerian supporters. The decision of the airlift was made by the Prime Minister, Noureddine Bédoui, during a government council held Monday.

Since the beginning of the AFCON, about 2,000 supporters have left Algeria to go to Egypt to follow the competition. More than 1,200 of them remained in Cairo to attend to the end of the game of the Greens.

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