The court of arbitration for sports meeting in Lausanne on June 20th 2019 has dismissed an appeal filed by the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) against CAF and the Togolese Football Federation regarding a protest filed by GFF in which it disputed the eligibility of a Togolese player who participated in a 2019 AFCON qualifying match in October 2018.

The Gambia Football Federation protest was first dismissed by the CAF disciplinary board in January 2019 and the decision was later confirmed in February 2019 by the Appeal Board of CAF. This decision from CAF then forced the GFF to file an appeal at the court of arbitration for sports (CAS) seeking to have previous decisions overturned.

The player concerned is Union of Douala player Adewale Olufade popularly known as James Olufade. The said player was born in Nigeria but grew up in Togo and opted to pledge his allegiance as a footballer to Togo.

The process at CAS was initiated and heard from the CAS headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland on June 14th.

Nji Nelson Chefor