Seedorf media outing this Monday in Yaounde

At the Lions’ base in Mt Febe this Wednesday afternoon, Clarence Seedorf squeezed Lemon on the fresh wounds of journalist agitating to see players plying their trade in Cameroon in the Lions Den.

Coach Clarence Seedorf did not hold back and made bold claims concerning the reasons why no local player was called up in his final 23 man squad, replying to questions from the media; “If they were good enough they would not be playing in Cameroon”.

He continued,” the fact that they are playing here shows that there is something lacking “. Ramses Akono was the best player in our first week but later the conditions were not there to retain him”.

Coach Clarence by saying so will put pressure on local players to do more and be on the limelight going forward.

Serge Ekollo Malolo who registered 10 goals this just ended season,Etta Thomas Bawak,Haschu Kerrido and a handful of other still to be observed by the coach would have to double their efforts and wait longer for their maiden call up the senior National teams.