Group A

The 91 players in Group A play their club football in 28 different countries for 64 different clubs. 24 play their football with the domestic leagues of their countries while 67 play abroad.
Egypt with 15 home based players is the country with the most home based players while Zimbabwe with none is the lowest. 13 players from the Zimbabwe squad plight their trade in South Africa.
At least one players from all four countries in group play their club football in England with a total of 13.

Two out of the four teams are coached by their nationals, that is Florent Ibenge for DRC and Sunday Chidzambwa for Zimbabwe. Egypt’s coach Javier Aguirre comes from Mexico while the Sébastien Desabre of Uganda comes from France.

Egypt 🇪🇬, DRC, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 and Uganda 🇺🇬

Egypt 🇪🇬
Coach : Javier Aguirre from Mexico
Nickname: Pharaohs
Current FIFA Ranking: 58th

Egypt’s 23 players come from five different countries ( Egypt: 15, England: 4, Portugal: 1, Turkey: 1 and Greece 2).
The 23 players come from 13 clubs, with Pyramids the most (5)


Coach: Florent Ibenge
Nickname: The Leopards
Current FIFA Ranking: 49th

The 23 players of the DRC come from 12 countries ( DRC: 5, England: 4, Germany: 2, Belgium: 3, Romania, Turkey: 2, Lebanon, Switzerland, Angola, Scotland, China and Portugal all have a Player in the team playing his football in one of their domestic leagues.
The 23 players come from from 19 different clubs with with TP Mazembe providing the most with three.

Uganda 🇺🇬

Coach: Sebastien Desabre from France
Nickname: The Cranes
Current FIFA Ranking: 80th

The 23 players of Uganda play their club football in 14 different countries ( Uganda: 5, South Africa: 2, Tanzania: 2, Sudan, Ethiopia, England, Sweden, Czech Republic, DRC, India, Canada, Kazakhstan, Croatia and Egypt all providing a player each from their leagues.
The 23 players come from 17 clubs with two players unattached.

Zimbabwe 🇿🇼
Nickname: The Warriors
Current FIFA Ranking: 109th

The 23 players of Zimbabwe players from Zimbabwe come from 8 countries with none from their domestic league ( South Africa: 13, Tanzania: 2, Belgium: 2, England, Zambia, Wales China and France all providing a player each.

The 23 players come from 17 clubs with Lamontville Golden Arrows from South Africa providing the most (3). The South African domestic league accounts 13 players.

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