By Giovanni Wanneh
Football Writer, has exclusively gathered the reactions of Nchindo John Bosco, Dande Junior and Thierry Akono, as they anticipate to grab their promised April gifts from FECAFOOT. The gesture from the Cameroon F.A has drawn comparisons to Santa Claus, only that we are a little over eight months before Christmas.

The pump of adrenaline was visible from expressions of actors of Cameroon’s top-flight sides, as well as the women’s first-tier, when an announcement of FECAFOOT, in accord with the women’s and men’s league management body hinted support of players on April 17, that sent the actors to complete pandemonium admits the Covid-19 rush hour.

Despite not having had a kick of a ball for over a month, 25 players from the major divisions in the land will receive packages as follows; 50,000 for Elite One clubs, 30,000 for Elite Two clubs and another 25,000 for the Women’s league One.

AS Fortuna’s lead goal scorer Thierry Akono sees the gesture as a sublime one that even he himself couldn’t imagine: “It’s a very good gesture for us footballers because we are going through a very difficult period. It would help footballers who aren’t active and are doing nothing at the moment,” a joyous Akono ended.

Thierry Akono Akono in action for as Fortuna

For PWD’s teenage sensation Nchindo, it is going to do the players a world of good:”I was called up by the team captain to create a mobile cash account. I became confused as to why I had to do it, before he went further to explain that FECAFOOT wants to assist us with some money, so we stay home and stay safe.

Nchindo John Bosco in action for PWD

“I am happy with the stakeholders of FECAFOOT and all what they’re doing.”

This money will help the lad certainly get some weight out of his chest:” the money will help me out with some expenses like; increasing my monthly gymnasium bill and equally to purchase some training necessities,” the creative midfield metronome ended.

APEJES’ first choice goalkeeper Dande Junior is equally happy with the exquisite gesture made by FECAFOOT.

APEJES’ safe hands Dande Junior

“On behalf of my teammates and I, I want to say a big thank you for what FECAFOOT has done for us. It has been difficult for footballers these days as we’ve had nothing else to do.”

“We want to express our gratitude to the football federation for their actions. At least it would permit us pay some bills and go on with activities in our day to to day lives. With this, we surely are going to continue to stay fit and ready when everything is back to normal,” the 2019 Cameroon Elite One winner with UMS concluded.

As reported earlier by, the delegation of 25 in each team whose names were sent to the FECAFOOT headquarters will start receiving a cash alert each before launch time on Tuesday, April 21.

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