A must read letter from the president of PWD of Bamenda and one of the Vice presidents of SYCEC,Pascal Abunde as crisis hold tight to Cameroon Football


Considered to be one of the calm influence in our Football, the young but very experienced president of PWD socials club of Bamenda has this Monday reached out to fans of the club and those in charge of it’s affiliated institutions through a letter sent to kick442.com by the communication desk of the club. The letter encompasses details on many things but most importantly carries some salient questions. Here is a full extract of the letter presented to the fans ahead of the 2019 Football season.

Dear supporters and Fans of PWD

The last time we communicated like this, it was at the end of the Elite Two season after we had proudly carried our Blue and White Flag across the country into Elite One. It was a proud moment for me personally and to the entire PWD family. This era will remain firmly printed in my memory for ever, just like in this generation of fans and supporters who like the 1979 generation are immortalized.

And here I come again. At the dawn of a new season. Yes we are about to start life in the top flight, the National Elite one or better still the “League One” as it will soon be known.

I will like on behalf of the management team of PWD thank you all for faithfully standing by your team since our qualification into Cameroon’s top flight. This hybernation period has been one of the most difficult in the life of PWD.

As you all know we have been going through some very strange and difficult times at the League. It’s close to 7 months since we ended the last football season and we are yet to start a new one. Strange indeed.

As we approach the new season we are still unable to decide the rules of the game. How many teams will take part in the chamlionship? In what format? Where will the matches be held? How many teams will be relegated? How many teams will be promoted? Etc.

The League and the clubs are at variance over these questions and many more. We the clubs will need concrete and clear responses to these questions before we engage our resources and efforts into play.

We all can clearly see that the level and quality of our football has been on a decline for quite some time now due to its amateurish handling by individuals who clearly think less of our football than their ego.

We have been on and off during the preseason because of the uncertainty and cacophony that reigns at the league. The financial and material toll has been killing our efforts to adequately prepare for the new season. This has questioned our commitment and ability to pin down players with a contract, train effectively and plan for life in League One.

We have fanilized our preparations ahead of the new season and will soon release the list of 25 players to defend the colours of our team. Trust me, the technical bench despite all the obstacles have been prudent, meticulous and shrewd in their selection. With little perfection here and there, PWD will be able to play it’s part in the league.

Like in the past, PWD is only great with it fans by its side. They are inseparable and we intend to keep this beautiful relation closer than ever before. You must be aware of our “membership scheme”. Due to the uncertainty I spoke off earlier, we had to put it on hold. We will unroll the scheme to accompany us this season. It comes with some side advantage to our fans and supporters. But please have in mind that it’s all set up to ensure sustainability and survival in the league for very long time. I want you to adhere to this scheme for nothing else but to be a proud supporter of Ngia P that belongs to us all. Your belonging will bring the team the much needed cash flow needed for our survival.

Our proposed budget this year stands at 105 million FCFA and we expect our fans to contribute a fraction of this through the different schemes put in place.
We are working hard to make PWD great by putting up structures that will stand the taste of time. We want a PWD with strong institutions and not individuals. I pray you the fans accompany us in this lofty goal.

We want PWD to play a unique brand of football, with the clubs philosophy we are putting in place this is slowly becoming a reality. Our corner stone is youth as a central part of this philopsopy. This will make us a budding centre for talent that we hope can form part of the clubs sustainability project. As earlier said, we can only achieve this if you all believe in it and give us your total trust. We will need this all the way.

We pray for a successful 2019 season. Our main goal is to make it among the top 10 of the league. We consider this a noble goal in our first season. We will be shifting our goals as we grow older in the league. But believe me, PWD will never miss to cease an opportunity to make you the fans beat your chest in honour.Thanks and a blesses 2019.

President PWD SFC

This questions from Mr Abunde are very important and if carefully looked at through the right procedure with Goodwill then the chances of our Football leaving the intensive care unit are high ;

How many teams will take part in the chamlionship? In what format? Where will the matches be held? How many teams will be relegated? How many teams will be promoted? Etc.

Anyone anywhere who use to know Cameroon Football in the good old yesteryears can compare it with today’s Football and make an easy conclusion about the health of our Football.

Angu Lesley


@angulesley on Twitter