Football lineups are as old as the game itself. This is because every coach can best explain the choice of a given formation.

In the beginning football matches were more of attacking oriented.

In the 19th century precisely on November, 30,1872 England played an international game against Scotland, using eight attackers while the opponents, six.
England’s game was all about individual excellence, reason why players were praised for individual dribbling prowess.

The match ended in a goalless tie.

The first long term successful lineup, was recorded during the 1880 wales cup.

The 2-3-5 formation Also referred as the “pyramid” is a formation that became famous in England and the world at large in the 1890’s.The lineup was used by most teams in the 1930’s.

This system was fruitful for the Uruguay national team in the 1924 and 1928 Olympic games and also in the 1930 FIFA world cup.

Generally Football Formations are made excluding goalkeepers.


Jose Mourinho’s Man United team

4-5-1 comprises four defenders,five midfielders and a single goal poacher, mostly defensive play style.

Football formations depend on team’s ambitions in the encounter.

4-4-2 system contains ,four defenders ,four midfielders and two forwards. This formation is very popular in Spanish La Liga.This formation is the source of inspiration behind the site

2-3-2-3 lineup, it is devised by the 1930 Italian national coach Vittorio pozzo.
This game plan is predominantly defensive. Italy won the 1934 and 1938 FIFA world cups with the lineup. The formation is also called “metodo”.

A good number of formations exist in Soccer, including the,4-4-2, 3-3-4,4-2-4 and 4-1-2-1-2 lineups are the most popular.

Nkenyi Romeo