By Uche Dozie 

Sports Writer,Nigeria.


Iranian women have flocked the Azadi Stadium in Tehran to cheer on their team vs Cambodia today.

It’s the first time in forty (40) years that they’ve been allowed to enter the stadium.

For the first time since 1979, women were allowed into the stadium to watch a football game in Iran in a game Iran defeated Cambodia 14-0.

The players had celebrated Ahmad Nourollahi’s goal in front of the women’s stand in where thousands of Iranian women in their colours cheered on.

Women watching Iran play

More than 3,500 women was reported to have secured tickets to attend Iran’s 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Cambodia at the Tehran Azadi Stadium Today.

According to report, tickets were sold out within minutes of sales for the game.

FIFA pressured Iran to lift its 1979 ban on women soccer spectators because it violated FIFA’s code of ethics.

Failure to comply could have allowed FIFA to suspend Iran’s national team from International competitions like the World Cup.

The new policy comes after the tragic death of Sahar Khodayari, a fan who posed as a man to watch a game in March, 2019.

She was arrested, and after learning she could face prison time, Khodoyari set herself on fire and died a week later.

The ban had sparked outrage and public protests.


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