UB Football girls team in a huddle before kick-off against UBa

The University of Buea football female selection have lost their second group game against sister University Bamenda 1-2 in Banjourn.

Both English Speaking Universities who badly needed a win to keep their hopes of qualifying for the next stage in tact seperated 1-1 at halftime.

It was during the second period that the University of Bamenda took the lead and backed home all 3 precious points.

The University of Buea lost their first match to the defending champions Yaounde II,Soa 0-1 while the University of Bamenda fell to IUG 1-0 in their opening game.

The 2018 silver medalist are hoping to make amends during their last group game against IUG and must win while hoping Soa gives Bamenda a nightmarish encounter.

Despite the enormous support from officials of the University of Buea,team UB once again failed to deliver what would have been a priceless win for the female athletes and the University.

Prior to their departure, the 2018 female varsity finalist promised to right the wrongs of their previous campaign but have been so difficult to translate.

The University of Buea reached the final last year but lost to the University of Yaounde II during post match penalty despite leading 2-0 in Kongola,Maroua.

Beng Emmanuel