Team UB has confirmed her legendary supremacy at the varsity games this year and has produced one of the greatest unexpected results despite the context of their preparations.
The University of Buea finished 9th with three gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze medal.
” We are proud of our athletes , we leave the games satisfied”
The words of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea ,Prof Horace Manga shows the determination the 208 athlets of team UB , coaches and staff displayed to defend ” the place to Be”
Although they began on a snail pace with series of defeats and setbacks on day one ,coupled with the bitter memories of Maroua 2018, the athlets braved the odds and stood steadfast in the midst of Challenges.
The male handball team ,Gladiators lost their first two games but qualified for the quarter finals despite not making it.
The female football team reached their second successive semi final after losing their first two group games against University of Yaounde II, and Bamenda. Interestingly, the created a new record of being one of the first universities to level a 3-0 deficit and win on penalty. The girls of coach Etoundi Owona got a bronze medal after a settling scores with Bamenda during the third position match.
Wrestling stole the show and was indeed the gold basket for team UB. Blandine Ngiri and Efonde got gold medal in freestyle and Africa wrestling while Thierry Ndifor emerged bronze medalist.
The athletic team had a word to say. Ayuk Ntui Pricilia ended UB’s medal drought since 2018. She was the lone gold medalist for team UB at the womens 400m and won UB’s first gold medal.
The Paralympics team weren’t exempted. They came close in Maroua 2018 but came closer in Dschang 2019. Ayuk Lovely was the silver medalist heroine for UB in the female light weight power lifting.
The fan club were one of the main attractions at the games. Their display, strength ,team spirit and diversity was visibly impressive. A gold medal to the team was but normal. Last year the were silver medalist.
The basketball team, judo, volleyball Spartans, Tennis and other sport disciplines contributed immensely to UB success story this year.
Also Team UB at the Cameroon Genius and Talent Competition ,GETEC had another exploit at the games. Team Faculty of education won silver, the Faculty of Agriculture and vertinary medicine got bronze and the faculty of Arts cilich bronze equally.
UB now looks forward to Ngaoundere 2020.

Beng Emmanuel