The gold medal drought for the University of Buea has come to an end after a prolonged search since 2018 in Maroua.
Team UB did not just clinch two gold medals on day Four of the 22nd varsity games,but they did so in grandstyle.
Ayuk Pricilia and Blandine Ngiri were the heroine of the day with both athletes getting the much awaited gold medals.


“The Fast ,And the Winner”
The first gold medal for Team UB came in Athletics today. Ayuk Pricilia emerged winner to end UBs goaless run. She competed in the women’s 400 meters.
Her achievement comes after the athletic team failed to impress yesterday with UB missing out from the 100 meter final.
Last year UB got her first medal in athletics.


“2015 Champions Crash Out of Competition” ,Girls return to winning ways
The University of Buea male football selection were booted out of the men’s football event,one of the king sport discipline at the varsity games.
Despite putting up a remarkable performance,they were only able to pull a frustrating 1-1 draw with the University of Yaounde II Soa.

This result implies the football boys are eliminated from the tournament. They lost their first match to defending champions IUG 1-2.
UB was in a three team group alongside IUG Douala and Soa.

Football Girls

After losing their first two games,the football girls went back on track with a win today.
They beat IUG in Bandjoun.


The male basketball team continued their spree of defeat today. They lost heavily to host University of Dschang 30-88.
The basket ball girls lost to the university of Bamenda 46-50 despite putting up an outstanding performance.
Both male and female basketball matches were played at the main campus.


Blandine Nguili concludes day 4 with gold and Specular performance
What a way for team UB to conclude day four with a wonderful gold medal in freestyle wrestling thanks to Blandine Nguili.
The 65kg wrestler produced one of the greatest upsets by defeating University of Douala three time gold medalist.
Team UB wrestling athletes return to action Tomorrow.


Table tennis had a busy day. Team UB qualified for men’s singles quarter finals and mixed doubles semi finals
The match was suspended by rain but UB led one set to zero.
Nziega of team UB reached the 1/4 final against the University of Yaounde I at the tennis club in Dschang. Tennis also have UB a bronze medal.


And the Judo team failed to grab a medal. They lost to the university of Ngaoundere.

Beng Emmanuel