Ismaela Seidou on the ball

Osvaldo Pedro has been the hottest property in the ongoing 2019 Total Under 17 AFCON taking place inn the Tanzanian city of Dar Es Salaam. The Angolan Forward has scored 3 goals in 3 outing so far, he is closely followed by Ubani Wisdom,John Edmund,Jabaar Ibraheem,Seidou Ismaila and Tawfik Bentayeb who are all on 2 goals in the tournament.

Pedro and Ismaila will face each other in the second semi finals at the National Stadium in Dar Es Salaam.

Osvaldo Pedro Capemba🇦🇴 3 Goals

Edmund Johh 🇹🇿 2 Goals

Ubani Wisdom🇳🇬 2 Goals

Seidou Ismaila  🇨🇲 2 goal

Jabaar Ibraheem 🇳🇬 2 Goals

Tawfik Bentayeb 🇲🇦 2 Goal

Momo Toure  2 Goals

Olatomi Olaniyan🇳🇬 1 Goal

John Alou🇺🇬

Amoo Akinkunmi 🇳🇬 1 Goal
John kevin 🇹🇿 1 Goal

Wamba Leonel 🇨🇲 1 Goal

Steve Mvoue 🇨🇲 1 Goal

Aliou Balde 🇸🇳 1 Goal

Samba Diallo 1 Goal

Ginea Bah Algassime 1 Goal

Kawooya Andrew🇺🇬  1 Goal

Asaba Ivan🇺🇬          1 Goal

Najib Yiga🇺🇬             1 Goal

Olakunle Olusegun 🇳🇬 1 Goal

Omary Omary 🇹🇿 1 Goal

Agiri Ngoda 🇹🇿 1 Goal

Telson Tome  🇦🇴 1 Goal

Davide Nzanza 🇦🇴 1 Goal

Amongst the players with 2 or more goals John Edmund is the only player whose National team has been eliminated from the competition.

Any player that wins this award may just have made the first step towards a bright career though some have done so in the past and failed to keep the pace after the tournament.

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