Interpools 2019
2019 National Inter-pools

By ANGU LESLEY                                                                                                             Football Writer,Cameroon 

The National arm of the Cameroon Football Federation,FECAFOOT has made available infrastructures to all 10 delegations of the participating teams in the 2019 National Inter-Pools in Bertoua.

It is the first time in the modern Inter-pools that the National Bureau of FECAFOOT is making this move to enhance preparation for clubs participating.

FECAFOOT has made the following allocations to the 10 teams;

Southwest Region -PWD Kumba : Talma Hôtel

East Region-Stade Bertoua:Monica Hôtel

Center Region-Mercure FC: Hôtel Chérubin

Adamawa Region-Ngaoundere FC: Hôtel Masso

Northwest Region-Foncha Street FC: Fangang 1

South Region-OBB: Fangang 2

Littoral Region-AS Dibamba: Hôtel Martino 2

Speaking to the Communication boss of FECAFOOT Parfait Siki told that the “new FECAFOOT” is doing this to ensure that players from amateur level learn the different dynamics of modern professional football.

We are keen on improving on things and football in the Republic ,that is why FECAFOOT is doing this.We have observed the National Inter-pools over the years,we noticed that one of the major difficulties clubs face in this competition is to feed their players and lodge them in good conditions,we are keen on overcoming this challenge.Our players must get acquainted to this conditions from this level,it will help them learn the different dynamics of modern professional football”.

Hotels and 2 meals per day have made available for the team from Friday 23rd August 2019 and the package will run till the end of the competition for the different delegations.

The move has helped the different delegation moving into Bertoua as they directly move to their base without overcoming the challenge of negotiating for either food or lodging.

If players must give their all in a competition they need to sleep and eat well that’s why we decided to get the package by ourselves for the delegation,we have ensured the standards are same for all delegations,it is therefore on the players to produce their best”

The 2019 National Inter-pools begin on Saturday 24th August 2019 in Bertoua. 10 Regional champions enter this year’s competition in 3 pools with leaders of each Pool to be promoted to second tier national championship.