2019 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope-Athletic Federation Publishes Prize That Awaits Athletes In All Categories

Cameroon Athletic federation has published a release stating the amount of money that Athletes who will participate and finish in the top 3 in the upcoming 24 edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope will take back home.

The race is program for this Saturday in Buea and officials have been busy with preparation.

This Wednesday morning, the communication boss of the Federation,Yves-Desire Ekwala has published a release which shows that there has been an improvement in the prize money for the second and third place in both categories by 2 000 000 FCFA For both Make and Female Categories.

A.Individual Race

1st. 10,000,000 FCFA

2nd 7.000.000 FCFA

3rd 5,000,000 FCFA

(8,900,000 FCFA)

(6,230,000 FCFA)

(4,450,000 FCFA)

1. 3 000 000 FCFA

2nd. 2 000 000 FCFA

3rd. 1000 000 FCFA

B. Team Event (Relay)

1st 1,335,000 FCFA

2nd 1,068,000 FCFA

3rd 801,000 FCFA

11% of the gross amount will be deducted as Taxes.

Reports say over 500 Athletes have registered for the race with 26 foreign Athletes 50% of which are from Kenya.

Gatsibuin Godlove,Simplice Ndonge,Fai Elvis,Ngalim Lizzete,Tata Carine are some the names that have recently animated this event.


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