By Giovanni Wanneh
Football Writer,Cameroon

Major changes have taken place in group A as Volcan of Noun has been officially reinstated.

Olympic FC of Biwong:

1, Lazare Emmanuel
3, Ben Dabo
2, Issa Ibrahima
12, Mengue Nina
13, Junior Evina
4, Peter Imounga
6, Junior Ango
5, Chancelor Mbarga Zilly
17, David Kenzo
14, Brice Akono
10, Kevine Panny
Coach: Obam Parfait

Starting XI of Volcan FC:

1, Youchahou Youkou
2, Youssof Fofana
14, Mboumbou Njoya
7, Ibrahim Moucue
8, William Kana
9, Njiemoun Souleyman
20, Thierry Chocha
10, Willy Lopez EbenEbendeng
13, Sop Fontan
3, Mouhamadou Mfobi
15, Aziz Njoya

Coach: Slyvain Njoya

Volcan are only playing their first game in the competition after squabbles here and there with sister club Riziere of Noun.

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