The National Institute of Youth and Sport INJS has retained their title and have been crowned Champions of the 22nd University games in Dschang, West Region of Cameroon with 29 medals, 19 in gold , 5 silver and 5 bronze with an overall improvement from the previous games when she ended with 16 gold.
The University of Douala finished runner-up for the second successive time with 39 medals( 12 gold, 15,silver,12 bronze).
The 2018 vice champions fell short of gold medals to enable them dethroned INJS for the second time since 2017. The university of Douala counts the highest number of medals with the University of Yaounde 1 and have been applauded for her performance during the 2019 games.
Yaounde I had her say during the last days of the annual sport event. They went passed Institute Universitaire de Saintou ( IUS) to complete the top trio with 10 gold. IUS follows with 9 gold and an overall 21 medals count.
IUS replaces IUG who were the most performant private university at the games last year finishing 4th ahead of Yaounde II,SOA.
2012 host,the University of Buea came back from the 2018 ruins to back home 3 gold medal ( an extra on for the fan club) and ended 9th on the medal classification table. They made it to the top ten after missing out last year .UB is the fifth most performant state University.
They closely followed by Bamenda that completes the top ten. Last year team UB ended 15th with 9 medals while Bamenda was 11th with 15 medals.
After 8 days of non-stop competition, only ISTM and Saint Jerome ended without any single medal to their credit.
Host University of Dschang ended with 11 medals all in bronze.

The 2019 University games take place in Ngaoundere for the first time since 2013.

Beng Emmanuel