45 years old Florence born referee, Gianluca Rocchi will take charge of this Thursday’s week 19 fixture in the Egyptian premier league pitting Zamalek to Pyramids.

The top of the table clash will be real chance for both clubs to entertainĀ  but also to get the desired results to to keep their title dreams alive.Second-placed Pyramids is 3 points adrift of table toppers Zamalek,very much a symbol of how big these 3 points are.Italian expert in officiating,Rocci has for the first time been invited over to officiate the game and why not give the fixture an extra touch.

Rocchi has been a professional referee for 16 years,a time period in which he has gathered experience in all sorts of local league and international competitions though Egypt and it’s premier league is a new territory for Rocchi.

Pyramids have been doing some good things in recent times in Egyptian football.Recently in a domestic league game the club gave Al Ahly a good run for their money

It is the first time in this generation that an Italian will officiate a game in the Egyptian premier.

Angu Lesley

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