kamilou Daouda in action for Cotonsport

Kamilou Daouda scored his second League one brace and his 3rd brace of the season this afternoon in Garoua to take him to the top of the scorers chat in the League with 6 goals.

The veteran forward moves two goals clear of the chasing group of scorers.

Kamilou’s Double takes his all time number of goals for Cotonsport in all Competition to 165 goals.

Kemajou Junior missed a first half penalty which have taken his tally to 4 goals this season

Serge Ekollo Malolo scored a late Equalizer for Dragon against Colombe and moved into the top three places in the scorers chart.

1-Kamilou Daouda🇳🇪: (Cotonsport) 6 Goals

2-Victor Mengue🇨🇲(Fovu) : 4 Goals

Ekollo Malolo🇨🇲:(Dragon) 4 Goals

3-Willy Stephane Nnameji🇨🇲:(UMS) 3 Goals

Konyuy Jude🇨🇲:(PWD) 3 goals

Aime Mounet🇨🇲(Avion Academy) 3 Goals

Kemajou Junior 🇨🇲(New Stars) 3 Goals

4- Junior Lionel Bandga🇨🇲: (Colombe) 2 Goals

Aime Gerard Mangolo🇨🇲(Cotonsport) 2 Goals

Arnold Zambo🇨🇲:(Avion Nkam) 2 Goals

Nelson Morkeu 🇨🇲(New Stars) 2 Goals

Christian Deugoue 🇨🇲 (Astres) 2 Goals

Brice Owona🇨🇲 (APEJES) : 2 Goals

Valentine Beo 🇨🇲:(Eding Sport FC) 2 Goals

Tchayi Cyrille Tchamba🇨🇲 (USD) 2 Goals

Anjeh Akoh Calistus🇨🇲 (APEJES) 2 Goals

Moussingue Rene🇨🇲 (Colombe) 2 Goals

Ako Assomo🇨🇲(Eding Sport FC) 2 Goals

Gael Gregoire Nkama🇨🇲(TKC) 2 Goals

Guime Arina scored his first goal for Cotonsport this Tuesday to become the 68th player to score in the league this season.

So far,68 different players have scored just 1 goal as the race to inherit Junior Rostand Mbai crown continues.


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