By Uche Dozie

Sports Writer,

Nigeria’s Isreal Adesanya is still the king in UFC 248 after a match against Yeol Romero that went to the last round as he was declared winner by decision.

In an obvious tough fight, the steel bender said he had to do what he had to do to win the fight.”

For many, the fight fell below expectation as there was much ‘activity’ to savour.

Adesanya tactically did more of kicking Yeol’s legs in order to weaken his opponent.

Hence, few punches were thrown and all these brought boos from fans who were on the ring in most of the rounds.

People bought the pay-per-view to see a real fight – not this,” Romero said.

“You need to have respect for people. People paid for a pay-per-view, for what? for a fight.” not like running. If you want to see running, go see Usain Bolt.” Yoel Romero said after losing to Israel Adesanya at UFC 248.

According to the UFC’s official stats, Romero threw just 89 strikes in 25 minutes and landed 40 for a 45 percent success rate. Adesanya’s percentage was much lower at 36 – 48 for 132.

The Nigerian born fighter remains undefeated in this category of the UFC.

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