AWA FF Starting XI vs Louves Minproff

By Angu Lesley.

Football Writer, Cameroon

Matchday 11 matches of the 2019/2020 Cameroon League 1 championship were played on Tuesday and produced the following results:

Full Match Day 11 Results:

Renaissance Athletic 1-0 Vision Sports

Renaissance Women 0-5 Eclair Sa’a

Caiman 3-1 Canon

Amazone 5-0 FC Ebolowa

Eding 3-2 AS Diamare

Awa Filles 0-0 louves Minproff

Matchday 11 games of the 2019/2020 Cameroon Women’s League One championship were played this Tuesday in grounds across the country.

In all 20 goals were in the six games programmed.

There were home wins for Amazone FAP, Caïman, Eding Women Renaissance Athletic while Eclair of Sa’a won away from home.

Leaders Awa Filles and Louves Minprof separated on a virgin score in the top of the table clash which leaves Louves with their four points advantage.

In the other games, Amazone FAP led by hat trick hero Henriette Akaba put five pass struggling FC Ebolowa and kept a clean sheet to walk away with all three points and a five nil win.

Henriette Akaba started the goals feast for Louves, Nkou made it two nil before half time.

Akaba scored twice in the second half to complete her hat trick before Bibout added another to seal the five Star performance.

Caïman win at home:
Canon ladies lead thanks to Bengono Abega’s 10th minute goal before conceding a first half equalizer from Endalle. They crumbled in the second segment as Caïman rallied to score twice to record a 3-1 home win.
Caiman missed a penalty in the encounter but did enough to extend Canon’s run without a victory to 11 games.

In Yaounde, Eding Sport Women survived the AS Diamare scare as their confident visitors took a 2 nil lead to the changing room but returned to meet a reawaken Eding Sport side that scored thrice.

AS Diamare looked to be cruising after Sandrine Nduimon Ndah scored twice for them in the first half but Kinbinde started the comeback midway into the second half and scored the winner to help Eding Sport pick a 3-2 win and take their points tally to 23 points while Diamare returns home with 3 points from their last two away games as they defeated Ebolowa FC in Day 10 in Ebolowa.

Eclair star away from home:

Eclair of Sa’a punished host Renaissance Athletic by 5 goals to zero.

Aboudi scored in the 9th and 14th minutes before Mbengono Catherine and Moluh’s brace rounded the rout in a five star performance for the Sa’a girls.

Vision Sports failed to get their second win in Guider as they conceded a 5th minute which cost them the points on offer.

Scorers chart at the end of the first round:

14 Goals:

Tabe Brenda (Awa Filles)

12 Goals:

Kameni Alice Flora(Louves)

10 Goals:

Abega Bengono (Canon)

Unofficial Classification Table after 11 First Round matches:

1 – Louves 31 points +35 goals

2 – Awa FC 27 points +23 goals

3 – Eding Filles 23 points +9 goals

4 – Amazones 20 points +17 goals

5 – Caïman FF 18 points +5 goals

6 – Éclair FC 17 points +14 goals

7 – Canon Filles 16 points +1 goal

8 – Vision Sport 11 points _8 goals

9 – Renaissance Athletic 11 points _09 goals

10 – As Diamare 8 points _19 goals

11 – FC Ebolowa 3 points _27 goals

12 – Renaissance Women 0 point _35 goals.

Louves MINPROFF keeps their top spot at the end , while Renaissance Women’s are on an 11 game loosing streak.

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