Cameroon is a land blessed with enormous talents, as far as Football is concern. With the likes of Ngono Mani getting towards the end of their active moments with the Indomitable lionesses, a breed of youngsters is fast coming up, and may be dependables in the next few years.

One of such youngsters, is 18 year old Louves MINPROFF’s forward, Zouwairatou Moussa. Zouwairatou was the talk of the day in Louves 2#0 win over Amazone FAP, as she scored one and assisted one, to help Louves MINPROFF win their fifth League title.

Zouwairatou is in her first season with Louves, and seems to be enjoying life at the center regional outfit. “It is my first year to play with the team. Louves is a team that we know ourselves very well”, She said.

Zouwairatou Moussa is part of Coach Charles Kamdem’s side gearing up for the All African games, and scoring against one of Cameroon’s finest Goalkeepers in the last decade, will certainly give extra motivation to her. “I am just from camp, but as the coach decided that I should start the match, I took the challenge, that’s why I scored the goal and provided the assist” she added.

The versatile forward believes playing in multiple forward positions under different coaches, is advantageous to her. “I am very dynamic, at times a play from both the left and right wings and at times I play as a center forward. So I can play in any of the forward positions”.

Coach Kpoumie Oudou of Louves MINPROFF had praises for Zouwairatou. “She is one of the stand out players in the championship, she has brought much quality to the team, and we are very satisfied”.

Born on June 12, 2001, Zouwairatou Moussa has represented Cameroon in two Under 17 World cups (Jordan 2016 and Uruguay 2018), and is on course to flying the countries flag, during the All African games that start in a few days in Morocco.

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