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The head coach of PWD social club of Bamenda, David Pagou, has told reporters that he intents to build a solid team, that will be difficult to beat. Pagou was speaking to the media for the first time, since his appointment as head coach of the Abakwa boys.

Cornered by the media shortly after supervising his first training session at the Big Mankon field on Tuesday, Pagou said “The short term objective is to build a team, because the team of last year is practically dislocated. According to the technical director, just about 25% of last year’s squad, is left. So we have to be fast, observe the players for five days, and come out with a shortlist, so that next week, we start serious business”.

Asked about working towards attending the objectives of the team this year, Pagou provided a frank response. “It is a good challenge, but it will be difficult because when we look at the team, it is a young squad, with players who are not really mature. Therefore we will do everything possible, to have a good game, each time we get into the field of play. We have to be very realistic, we have to go bid by bid. We have started and as from the third week, we will fixed on the values of the team. We have the quality and nativity, so it’s on us to do the job”.

The former Renaissance, Cosmos and Canon gaffer, is however ready to challenge the big dogs in the league. “It’s football, we are oblige to play all the other teams”.

Coach Pagou met his players for the first time.

David Pagou is noted for building strong compact teams, which are always difficult to beat. But he insist that he is building a team with emphasis on ball conservation. “A team that plays much with the ball, that’s my philosophy, my style. I like when the team keeps much of the ball, with very short passes, and long passes when necessary”.

“It is modern football, and we are training children who can go and play professional football in Europe. So we work in such a way that our players can integrate anywhere in the world”.

The gaffer could not forget the five star welcome given him by PWD fans. ” it was a great welcome. It’s just as if have been here for two weeks. We are in Cameroon, Bamenda in particular. I’m very satisfied, I’ve not had any worry, so I’m at home. The welcome from the supporters was fantastic, I’m just feeling like a fish in water. It’s good to live in Bamenda “.

It’s certainly going to be a long season for Pagou and his team, especially at a time when our sources have hinted that the league will be played in 34 playing days, instead of the pools system used last season.

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