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Two games at ongoing national interpools in Bertoua, were completed this Wednesday, Augut 28, 2019, following matches in group B and C. It was an action parked round two, and presents to you six main captivating events of round two.

(1) A total of 16 goals were scored in round two, making it the highest scoring round this far. As compared to round one, game day two had eight mores. (Only 8 goals were scored in round one, with one game pending).

(2) Stade Bertoua Vs PWD Kumba stands as the highest scoring game. 10 goals were scored in that game, the only game to witness more than five goals in 90 minutes. The only game that has had more than two goals was the Foncha Street vs Etoile Filante game in round (with four goals scored).

(3) PWD Kumba sets record of the earliest elimination. It took just 90 minutes of football action, for Meme works to kiss good bye to their league two ambitions. No other team has been eliminated in just their first game.

(4) Two teams now confirmed eliminated. Out of the 10 teams taking part in the competition, only eight can still dream of qualifying for the league two championship. It is dream over for PWD Kumba and Olympique Biwong Bane. The other teams still have hopes.

(5) Elven teams have now played at least a game at the same interpools for the first time, since the creation of the competition. The reinstatement of Volcan du Noun in the competition earlier this week meant 11 clubs have played taken part in the 2019 national interpools in Bertoua, despite the fact that Riziere’s match was sent parking and their match cancelled.

(6) Volcan of Noun puts controversies aside and KO’s OBB. Volcan travelled to Bertoua, and were sent home, before being recalled into the competition. The up and down movements seemed not to have affected Volcan, as they beat OBB 2#0 in their opening game.


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