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The president of Cameroon league one side Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun, Joseph Feutcheu, has called on the Cameroon football federation, to respect the mandate of General Pierre Semengue, as president of the Cameroon professional football league.

Joseph Feutcheu was one of the few club presidents who showed up at FECAFOOT this Thursday, to receive the subvention given by FECAFOOT to league one clubs to help them better prepare for the 2019_2020 season, which is to begin on October 18, 2019.

The retired army captain clearly voiced out his disappointment to the first vice president of FECAFOOT, Aboubakar Alim Konate, saying FECAFOOT is working without consulting the club presidents, but Alim insisted that consultations were made with the representatives of elite clubs in Cameroon. Feutcheu also stated that the 72 million francs given to league one clubs (4 million per club), is too small, asking if it was 72 million each per club.

When press men caught up with Joseph Feutcheu afterward, he reiterated that FECAFOOT should respect the laws and allow General Pierre Semengue to see out his mandate. “We voted the president of the league, with 90% of votes in his favour. It better to wait till the end of his mandate before talking about other things”.

He however says his team is preparing for the new football season. ” for the start of the league, we the club presidents don’t have the right to stop our children from playing football. If you have seen me here today, it is to show my good fate so that our football can move forward”.

“But for president Semengue, they should allow him to to the end of his mandate. He has only one year left, let’s be patient. With patience we can obtain everything”.

General Pierre Semengue was voted into office during the elective General Assembly of 28 July 2016, and his mandate runs till 27 July 2020, but the FECAFOOT meeting in an executive Committee meeting on August 23, 2019, suspended the activities of the Cameroon professional football league, and went ahead to create a transitional committee that will run the affairs of the league for a period of two years.

The date initially set aside for the start of the 2019_2020 football season, was September 1, 2019, but now FECAFOOT’s transitional committee has set October 18, for the start of the new season. It is still be seen if the date will be respected.

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