Alphonse Kevin Assiga

Angu Lesley

Football Writer, Cameroon.

Leon Boyomo of PWD and Alphonse Kevin Assiga are the current lead scorers of the Cameroon League 1 championship with 10 goals each after Match-day 22.

The PWD of Bamenda forward, Leon Boyomo was the outright lead scorer until last weekend in match-day 22 when Alphonse Kevin Assiga scored twice to take his tally to 10 goals.

There is a good group of players chasing them amongst which is 2017 lead scorer Francis Elimbi.

Here is how the scorers classification table looks after Match-day 22;

10 Goals:

Leon Boyomo (PWD)

Alphonse Kevin Assiga (Canon)

8 Goals:

Nlend Samuel (USD)

Tongua Armel Emmanuel (YOSA)

7 Goals:

Thierry Tchuente (Cotonsport)

Gael Gregoire Nkama (TKC)

Tamo Giresse (Stade Renard)

Francis Elimbi (Colombe)

Man Ykre Dangmo (Colombe)

6 Goals

Mfegue Georges (Avion Academy)

Youssoufa Maikano (Cotonsport)

Jacques Elogue Kevin Ebene (Feutcheu FC)

Akono Akono Thierry Alain (Fortuna )

Jean Emmanuel Chamjou Nguewawe (UMS)

Kameni Deric (Feutcheu FC)

5 Goals

Pange Lobe (Bamboutos FC)

Junior Ntamack (Feutcheu)

Mael Dindjike (PWD)

Temga Roger (Avion)

Hansi Mbappe Muller (Bamboutos FC)

Anjeh Calistus (APEJES).

4 Goals

Areina Guime (Cotonsport)

Makembe Fernandinho (Dragon)

Jude Etele

Belemb Julian Patrice Samuel (Canon)

Moundi Kagawa (YOSA)

Kamilou Daouda (Cotonsport)

Ulrich Messok (Eding Sport)

Abanke Eric (YOSA)

Boum Auguste Soumlaga (Panthère)

Yarima Bohari (APEJES)

Blondel (APEJES)

Rene Ndi (Bamboutos FC)

Pafong Eric (Fovu)

3 Goals

Bin Adolf Nkembe Enow (Dragon)

Christian Bayokolack Fack (Colombe)

Philippe Bertin Bengono II Essama (Panthère)

Yves Eloundou Tanguy(AS Fortuna)

Kooh Kotto Jules (Avion Academy)

Soga Bryand (APEJES)

Alfred Meyong (Stade Renard)

Nchindo John Bosco(PWD)

Acha Leonard (Avion)

Kamaha Zali(Fovu)

There are a good number of players who have scored 2 goals so far.

Last season’s join top scorer Kamilou Daouda is playing catch up as he has scored just 4 goals this term.

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