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AS AWA FF has beaten Ebolowa FC 6#nil in a delayed day five game of the Cameroon women’s league.

AWA FF was five goals up at half time, before adding a further goal in the second segment, to force Ebolowa FC to their fifth defeat of the season. Ebolowa FC is one of the newly promoted teams in the league, and have failed to pick up a single point in five straight games.

Meanwhile Vision Sports FC of Bamenda traveled all the way to Maroua, to beat AS Diamare 2#0.

Louves MINPROFF got a late winner in a highly animated game against Ending.


Canon FF 3#1 Renaissance De Figuil

Caiman FF 2#0 Renaissance Athletic.

Amazones FAP 3#1 Éclair of Sa’a.

AS AWA FF 6#0 Ebolowa FC

Eding 1#2 Louves MINPROFF

AS Diamare 0 #2 Vision sports FC


(1) Canon FF_15Pts

(2) Louves MINPROFF_15pts

(3) AWA FF_11pts

(4)Eding Sports_09pts

(5)Caiman FF_8pts

(6) Vision sports_7pts

(7) Éclairé De SAA _5pts

(8)Amazones FAP_4pts (minus 3 games)

(9)Renaissance Athletic_3pts

(10)Renaissance De Figuil_0pts

(11)Ebolowa FC_0pts

(12)AS Diamare_0pts

It should be noted that Amazones FAP has three delayed games against Eding Sports, Renaissance Athletic and Renaissance De Figuil.


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