The Cameroon Association of English speaking journalists, CAMASEJ Northwest chapter, has beaten their counterparts from the center region 3#1, in friendly game in Yaounde.

CAMASEJ Northwest is on a two days visit to Yaounde, and their stay in the center region, was marked by a gala match that took place this Saturday, at the presidential Guard Stadium in Melen, Yaounde. A well prepared CAMASEJ Northwest, dominated proceedings in that game, as Neba Jerome opened scores within the first 10 minutes of play. CAMASEJ center who started the game with 10 men, will then concede their second goal of the game, when Nji Nelson CHEFOR, in a solo move, eliminated all his opponents, before slotting a low shot pass Afeseh APONG who was at goal for CAMASEJ center.

Earlier in the second segment, Neba Jerome benefited from a defensive mixed up and poor outing from the Goalkeeper of CAMASEJ center, to put the the scores at 3#0 for the visitors.

CAMESEJ members having a great time together

CAMASEJ Center pulled one back in the last quarter of the game, but the visitors held tight, as they carried the day 3#1.

The president of CAMASEJ Northwest, Ambe Macmillan, attributed their victory to hard work. “We have been practicing. We really understand the role of Sports as we carry on our functions“, said Ambe Macmillan. “It’s only a healthy journalist that can produce a healthy report”, he added.

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A return visit will take place in Bamenda in the months ahead, but Ambe Macmillan believes that CAMASEJ Northwest can pay their Center Regional counterparts in their own coins. “we are very delighted with the warm reception that CAMASEJ Yaounde has given us this far. It already gives us an assignment to immediately go to work, to see how we can in the same way, pay back in their own coins for them to have a hitch free and a very interesting match in the Northwest region”.

Ndi Eugene gets the attention of makeshift CAMASEJ medical team

Ndi Eugene of CAMESEJ Center picked up a knock in the course of the game but is waiting for medical reports  on