Cotonsport of Garoua and FAP of Yaounde have picked up their tickets for the 8th final of 2019 Cup of Cameroon by beating YOSA and UMS respectively.

The 2015 winners, UMS came from behind to pull a 1 all draw against FAP on regular play before accepting a 7-6 Penalty defeat to in form FAP.

In the other game played this Thursday YOSA made it nervy for fans of Cotonsport in the early segment of the second half but the Garoua giants rallied to to stop any scare with 2 late goals to kill any hooes YOSA.

Tuesday 28th May 2019

AS Fortuna Y’de 3-2 La forme foot de Bafia
AS Matelot D’la 0-1 Dragon Y’de

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Fovu Club Baham 3-0 Canon Yaounde
New Stars 3-2 Feutcheu FC Djiko

Dynamo D’la 0-0(Pen 5-4) Les Astres

Eding Sport 2-2(Pen 5-3) PWD B’da

FC Yaounde II 1-2 Stade Renard Melong

Leopard D’la 0-1 AS Etoa Meki Y’de

Ajax Maroua 0-5 Lion Blesse Fotouni

Soleil Sport of Garoua 1-3 Panthere Nde

Foncha Street B’da 2-0 Renaissance Ngoumou

Avion Academy 0-0(4-5) Jeuness D’obala

Thursday May 30th 2019:

FAP Y’de 1-1(7-6 Pen) UMS Loum

YOSA B’de 1-3 Cotonsport Garoua.

Friday 31st May 2019:
Centre Stade technique FECAFOOT Odza

3pm: Tonnerre Y’de vs Colombe Dja et Lobo

Wednesday June 5 2019
Stade Municipal de Bertoua

1pm: Union D’la VS Ngaoundere FC

List of Clubs that have Qualified for the 8th finals

1) Dragon Y’de

2)Fovu Club Baham

3)New Stars of Douala

4)Dynamo D’la

5) Eding Sport de la Lakie

6) Stade Renard Melong

7)AS Etoa Meki Y’de

8)Panthere Nde

9)Lion Blesse Fortouni

10)Foncha Street B’da

11)Jeuness D’Obala

12)FAP Yaounde

13) Cotonsport of Garoua

14)TKC / Colombe Dja

15)Union Sportive Douala/ Ngaoundere FC