Nathan speaking ( images)

Barely hours after returning to the country as Vice Champions in the just ended African men’s volleyball Championship in Tunisia, the captain of the Volleyball lions of Cameroon, Nathan Wounembaina has made some staggering Revelations about their stay in the Tunisian capital.

Speaking during a reception ceremony at the ministry of Sports this Wednesday, Nathan told the minister of Sports and other officials that “we could have strike like Footballers, but we preferred to defend our country”. The captain was given the opportunity to address the officials present, amongst which was Sports minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi and he was clear in channelling the concerns of his teammates. “As we promised, we gave our best, but God decided otherwise. I really want to say thank you for the means that were put at out disposal to prepare for the competition”, said Nathan.

Nathan speaking ( images)

The Captain however touched on two important points. “Despite the problems that we had, we decided to defend the colours of our country, because we could have gone on strike as Footballers did, but we choose not to“. He added “up till now, we have not received any match bonus and I congratulate my teammates for being very patient. It was not easy. We wanted to concentrate because we really wanted to win the trophy, and I think we will be compensated”.

The claims made by Captain Nathan Wounembaina, were quickly played down the president of the Cameroon volleyball federation, Serge Abouem, who said they government had made available all the match bonuses, but the federation decided not to give the players, why they were still in the competition.

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It’s been 18 years since Cameroon last won the African men’s volleyball Championship, and will have to wait at least for two years, before fighting for another continental crown.

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