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Foncha Street FC’s League qualification, came largely due to the massive transformation around the team this season. A process that has been spearheaded by none other than their emblematic coach, Anumewa Frankline.

One year ago, nothing much was known and talked about Anumewa Frankline, as he occupied the role of deputy coach at Rainbow FC then. The INJS graduate took a tough challenge, accepting the offer of being head coach of Regional side Foncha Street FC, in what was his first full season in the dugouts as head coach. The quality of work done in his squad, has quickly taken Foncha Street FC to the elite stage in Cameroon’s Football, but coach Anumewa Frankline attributed his sides success at the 2019 National interpools, to the experience gathered last year, with Rainbow FC.

For this interpools, I believe it is the experience I got last with Rainbow, that made me to come and correct the mistakes this year. I believe we will continue with the club and take it to the league one next season”, said Anumewa.

Reacting to his sides success at the interpools, Anumewa added “I will thank God and my players who fought till the end They started the first game on their toes and ended the last game on their toes, which means they actually respected all the instructions given to them by their coaches. IΒ  promised the Northwest population that I’m coming back with an elite two team, and that just what we have done”.

He however admitted that it was not an easy ride to success. “Our group was not that easy, because Γ‰toile Filante and Mercure SA had good teams, but we used our own strategies to to dominate them”.

Evaluating his time with Foncha street FC, Anumewa gave a positive note. “A positive evaluation, you know when we scored in the first half, I was confident that we will win, knowing that to score us is not easy. I have a solid defensive set up and we start defending in front. I always tell my players that we start with high pressing, so that our opponents will find it difficult to penetrate”.

Anumewa Frankline has recorded success in his young coaching career, Winning the gold medal with the University of Bamenda in the last University games in Dschang, and Winning the Northwest regional League and subsequently qualifying Foncha Street FC for the league two Championship. He was voted best coach in the Northwest region this season, and will hope to carry over and why not maintain the good records, in the league two Championship next season.

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