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Group B and C enters day two action this Wednesday in Bertoua, with Kohi club of Maroua and Foncha Street FC on standby in Group B and C respectively.


Etoile Filante vs Mercure

kick off: 13:30
Venue: Bertoua municipal Stadium
Ref: Njichu Clovis
A1: Enow Olivier
A2: Talla Fokam
4A: Bigoh Metouc.
Coord: Allong Serge
Comm: Fopa Joseph
Doc: Dr Kemdjo François.

Étoile Filante of Garoua will be playing their last game of the tournament, while Mercure SA of Bafia will be making their debut in the competition. Étoile Filante lost 1#3 to Foncha street FC in their previous game, and will need nothing less than a win with a good scoreline, so as to cancel the two goal deficit they currently hold.

For Mercure SA, it will be their first game, given that they were on standby on the first day of play. The objective for the center regional representatives, will be to grab the available three points, and prepare for a tough challenge against Foncha street FC, on Saturday.


Stade Bertoua Vs PWD Kumba

Venue: Bertoua municipal Stadium.
ref: Chehou A
A1: Sali Eric
A2: Ahmadou
4A: Meke Patrick
Coord: Allong Serge
Comm: Baba Mamoudou Idrissou
Doc: Dr Kemdjo François.


It is an encounter of high stakes for both sides. Stade FC of Bertoua drew 1#1 against Kohi club last Sunday, despite the huge support from the home crowd. Coach Lassidang Ndoe Valentin and his boys knows very well that anything short of three points, will shatter their dreams of get a league two ticket for the entire East region. But how possible is that going to be against PWD of Kumba, alias “Ball for net”?. Coach Ngeh Carlos and his boys were on standby on day one, and had the opportunity to watch their opponents play, and certainly will exploit the lapses they noticed. Captain Bibish Abane and Co know very well that they carry the hopes and aspirations of the Southwest population and are obliged to deliver a league two ticket, to bring joy to a region that has been deprived of elite Football, since Njalla Quan Sports Academy left some years ago.

A win for PWD of Kumba, will put them in a great position, before they head for group B’s grand Finale against Kohi on Saturday.

Take the Rendezvous this Wednesday August 28, 2019, for another exciting day of soccer.

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