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The indomitable lionesses of Cameroon have had one of their worst performance in recent time, during their two legged game against Ethiopia ranked 118th in the World, counting for the second round qualifiers for the Olympic games. Though Cameroon managed to progress to the next round, thanks to away goal advantage, their recent near shambolic performances are replica of the current managing team at helm.

Alain Djeumfa was appointed lead trainer of the indomitable Lionesses shortly after the 2018 AWCON in Ghana. Nine games in charge as head coach, the statistics speaks for itself. The indomitable lionesses of Cameroon are just fresh from the Women’s World Cup, where they were eliminated in round of 16, and many predicted an easy ride for the lionesses, over Ethiopia, an Ethiopian side that has not featured in any major continental competition for the past decade. Perhaps the one all draw away in Ethiopia did not really bothered Cameroonians because they knew the job will be done and dusted at the Mfandena slaughter house in Yaounde. Ethiopia succeeded in getting a nil nil tie. The last time Cameroon failed to score a goal at Mfandena, was three years ago and their opponents went ahead to win the AWCON. From his starting XI in Yaounde, many gave Alain Djeumfa the benefits of the doubts, but the poor quality of football displayed by the girls, showed that something is really wrong somewhere.

Lack of cohesion, inaccurate passes, players looking heavy and poor decision making from the coach, characterised the lionesses poor 90 minutes at the Amadou Ahidjo stadium. When Captain Gabriel Aboudi OnguΓ©nΓ© was red carded, and with Cameroon badly in need of a goal, many thought it was time for Alain Djeumfa to finally give Macha Farida a chance, but surprisingly Farida stayed on the bench, as Djeumfa brought in Abena Therese, who is a Midfielder. Such has been the scenario under Alain Djeumfa, especially during the Women’s World cup, as he constantly picked Gael Enganamouit who has not played competitive Football for about two years, ahead of some of the best Cameroon can count on at the moment.

Alvine Njolle on form with Champions League experience with Minsk in Belarus is not selected at all while Ysis Sonkeng occupies the same role inefficiently, natural forwards Machia Machia Farida seats on the bench fresh from a spectacular performance with Braga in the champions league but the coach plays Catherine Mbengono a defender as a forward.


Since Alain Djeumfa took over the Indomitable lionesses, the team has played nine international games, suffering five defeats, two draws and two wins. The team also scored just six goals in those nine games, conceding a whopping 15 goals, and has kept just one clean sheet. SHOCKINGLY POOR. In his post match conference this Tuesday, Alain Djeumfa told a reporter “I don’t know where your statistics are coming from” when he was asked about the poor records since he took over.

These statistics, compared to that of his predecessor, will really show that there is a Vacuum that needs to be filled, with immediate effect. Under Joseph Brain Ndoko, the lionesses played 15 games, won nine, suffered just three defeats and three draws. Alain Djeumfa has already beaten the record for defeats, and is closing in on that for draws. What has become of the team that scored 46 goals in 15 games under Ndoko, is a big question begging for answers. The lionesses had the best attack in Ghana 2018, with 10 goals scored, and had three Players in the team of the tournament, plus five different players Winning player of the match in five games, but under Alain Djeumfa the same players are underperforming.

Cameroon has regressed tremendously under Alain Djeumfa, and it is crystal clear that Djeumfa has used barely eight months, to destroy the marvelous work Ndoko and Enow Ngachu did in over 10 years. Surprisingly Ndoko was fired with no justifications given, but Alain Djeumfa seems to have the backing of the system in place.


Alain Djeumfa’s appointment as coach of the indomitable lionesses, was sharply criticised by many Football loving Cameroonians, and it is clear he is not a fan favorite.

His previous records with other teams, have not vindicated him from the criticisms thrown towards him.AS FAP as an example was on course was on course to Winning the Cameroon cup, until Alain Djeumfa’s made a premature return from the Women’s World cup, and things fell apart for FAP. His decision making in the final against Stade Renard of Melong was put into question, as he dropped regular captain and defense King pin, Mahamat, alongside Goalkeeper Pierre Mpatoutou, while his second top scorer HervΓ© Eloundou Ngono started on the bench.

The few examples are similar to the present situation with the indomitable lionesses. Our Football authorities should sit up and see the truth and save us from this hemorrage. The Cameroon Women’s national team is suffering from what our Ghanian colleagues will describe as “tactical bankruptcy“, and only an expert in this domain can put this team back on track.

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