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Foncha Street FC of Bamenda narrowly escaped relegation in the 2019_2020 football season, maintaining their status in the Cameroon league two championship.

It was a Topsy turvy first season in the elite for the North West outfit, as they finished last but one in the 14 team championship.

From a fairy tale ride in the North West regional league and a scintillating run in the 2019 national interpools in Bertoua, Foncha Street FC booked a place in the elite two championship, but failed to live up to expectations.

A poor run of results, meant Coach Anumewa Franklin paid the price, as he was fired mid_way in the season. Armand Bomono was brought in on a rescue mission, but he also could not turn the tides immediately. Relegation loomed closer, with just three rounds of games to the end of the season.

As the saying goes in our local parlance, “something di spoil fix some one”, the coronavirus pandemic came and halted the championship in march, which later declared ended on May 12, 2020 by Cameroon’s football governing body, FECAFOOT. No team was relegated, thereby giving Foncha Street ample time to correct the wrongs of last season and brace up for the 2020_2021 campaign.

A reconciliation meeting was held at the club’s headquarters in Bamenda in June, and a section of the club’s board members suggested that former coach, Anumewa Franklin, be brought back to join the technical staff.

A commission was put in place to open negotiations with both parties. have gathered that the preliminary negotiations were fruitful.

“After the reconciliation meeting, we have have had a positive feedback”, club president Moh David told

“The coach might not have had a problem, but you know when there is failure in a team, when the results are not produced, you don’t remove the president. The first person to suffer the consequences is the coach. At that particular time we didn’t have players around to recruit. It was the first experience of the coach (Anumewa Franklin) in the elite two, so we needed another coach who have at least had that experience before, so that he could boast the team to maintain and we see the rest after”.

“There’s underground negotiations for the former coach to come and assist the present coach, for them to work together, so that he can also gain experience, if he accepts. There was a team charge with that, so I’m not aware how far they have gone but I equally told them that they should not do something that will entails lots of finances for the team”, Moh David added.

When this reporter insisted if he implied an iminent return of Coach Anumewa Franklin, the president had a simple reply.

“We had a meeting and that topic came up, that we needed an assistant coach and if we can bring him back. I said ok, if he accepts to comeback, it will be good.

The management of the team however have full confidence in the current technical staff, headed by Armand Bomono.

“At the level of the technical staff, we have no problem because I think towards the end of last season the players actually believed in the coach and coach was also very motivated. We were left with about 18 players and the coach made the best out of those 18 players”.

When we got in touch with Coach Anumewa, he confirmed that such negotiations were ongoing, though not yet finalized.

“They thought that maybe I was angry because I was removed from my position in the team. But I told them despite the fact that I left the team, I remained a supporter of the team. So if the negotiations go well and the conditions good, I will comeback and see how we can join hands and work together. If the offer is good, then I don’t have any problem coming back”.

With the Cameroon league tipped to resume in September ending or early October for the 2020_2021 season, there is a possibility of Anumewa Franklin making a comeback into the technical staff of Foncha Street FC, should negotiations be fruitful. Though he may come back to assume a role consider by some pundits as “inferior”, that of assistance coach, his presence around the team could be a first step in the right direction for Foncha Street FC, who are setting their eyes on grabbing one of the tickets for the elite one Championship.

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