By Angu Lesley
Sports Writer, Cameroon.


Mark O’ojong and Kelvin Ebene are the two players that improved on their position in the scorers classification table following their to goals scored in this match day.

Nlend Samuel scored against Bamboutos FC making him the only player to score in three consecutive games.

Full lists of scorers:

Ebene Kelvin-3 Goals (Feutcheu)

Samuel Nlend – 3 Goals (USD)

Joel Djondang -2 Goals (Cotonsport)

Hansi Mbappe Muller -2 Goals (Bamboutos FC)

Mark O’ojong -2 Goals (Bamboutos FC)

Steve Herve Bonnie Elame -2 Goals (Eding Sport)

Youssoufa Maikano-2 goals (Cotonsport)

Hampo Dangmo Man Ykre- 2 Goals (Colombe)

Christian Bayokolack -1 Goal (Colombe Dja)

Rene Ndi-1 GOAL (Bamboutos FC)

Alexandre Soppo-1 Goal (Dragon Yaounde)

Ulrich Pange Lobe-1 Goal
(Bamboutos FC)

Junior Franck Mabenga-1 Goal (Colombe)

Achille Namekong-1 Goal (Bamboutos FC)

Ondoa Emmanuel-1 Goal (Panthère Nde)

Rudolph Koukisango-1 Goal (Fovu)

William Mukwelle-1 Goal (Fovu)

Raphaël Mbida-1 Goal (TKC)

Herve Ngono Eloundou – 1 Goal (Stade Renard)

Alfred Meyong – 1 Goal (Stade Renard)

Nga Essoue- 1 Goal (Stade Renard of Melong)

Jacques Etelle- 1 Goal (Dragon)

Makembe Fernandinho-1 Goal (Dragon)

Abanke Eric-1 Goal (YOSA)

Randy Ntube Kwalar-1 Goal (YOSA)

Tamo Giresse-1 Goal (Stade Renard)

Djodnang Joel-1 Goal (Cotonsport)

Alphonse Kevine Assiga-1 Goal (Canon)

Julien Patrice-1 Goal (Canon)

Jean Caristan Kanga-1 Goal(Canon)

Fongang Alfred-1 Goal (UMS)

Ulrich Messok-1 Goal (Eding Sport de la Lakie)

Marius Ngon A -1 Goal (Cotonsport)

Frankline Tangiri-1 Goal (YOSA)

Marcel Batai- 1 Goal (Cotonsport)

Marou Souaibou -1 Goal (Cotonsport)

Ako Calistus Anjeh-1 Gaol (APEJES)

Djakba Junior-1 Goal (Feutcheu FC)

Frederick Etoumbang-1 Goal (APEJES)

Bayem Jacques-1 Goal (Bamboutos FC)

Raphael Bissemou- 1 Goal (Fovu)

Alain Thierry Akono Akono- 1 Goal (Fortuna)

Own Goals

Thierry Aloko (Stade

So far 40 goals have been scored by 27 different players.

The tables will certainly change before the end of matchday.


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