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The infighting between the Cameroon Football federation and the Cameroon professional football league seems far from over, as a new chapter has been opened in the saga that has rocked the two institutions for months now.


Barely two weeks after FECAFOOT’S executive committee suspended the activities of the Cameroon professional League and a reply from General Pierre Semengue calling for major actors in the league to stay calm and continue preparations for the new Football season, FECAFOOT, meeting in an executive committee meeting on Tuesday September 3rd, at the federations headquarters in Tsinga Yaounde, put in place a transitional committee to head the Cameroon professional football league. The committee headed by FECAFOOT’S first vice President, Aboubakar Alim Konate will during their stay, try to restructure the professional football league.

As if that was not enough, the president of the Cameroon League General Pierre Semengue summoned the press late Tuesday evening, at the League’s head office. During his exchange with the press, Pierre Semengue declined the post of honorary president of FECAFOOT that was handed to him, stating that accepting the post will be as if he has been bought.

The retired army General, also insisted that suspending the activities of the Cameroon professional league, is in voilation of article 8.2 of the status of FIFA. The General declared his determination to defend his mandate as president of the Cameroon professional football league till the end.

General Pierre Semengue was voted into office during the elective General Assembly of 28 July 2016, and his mandate runs till 27 July 2020. The General is not giving up, as he rejected all resolutions taken during the executive committee meeting of FECAFOOT on Tuesday September 3rd, and again called on all the actors involved in the Cameroon professional football league not to be distracted. This makes it FECAFOOT 2#2 LFPC.

The power tussle between FECAFOOT and the professional football league, has left many asking what benefits both parties stand gain. If the Cameroon professional football league is not generating much income to General Pierre Semengue, then he should not have been holding tight to something that his a burden to him. Another school of thought holds that, FECAFOOT has discovered the benefits of the professional football league, and are attempting to strip General Pierre Semengue of those advantages.

Does it mean that those at the top are ripping the benefits from the professional football league, while the clubs are suffering the consequences?.

The Cameroon professional football league was initially scheduled to kick-off on September 1st 2019, but nothing seems to be happening, as the FECAFOOT vs LFPC saga drags on. Who between FECAFOOT and the LFPC is going to give up the fight is the question that can not answer at the moment.

One thing that is certain is that at the end of the battle, either FECAFOOT or LFPC will come out top, but the battle seems far from over . Will the General summon the army or will the president impose his supremacy?.

The clubs and players suffers more, while those in management positions are feeding fat, though pretending as if no benefits is being generated. If not, why are they bent on consolidating their positions even when things seems to be falling apart? Who is going to give up the fight between the LFPC and FECAFOOT, is just a matter of time. will keep tracking happenings within the two bodies and will keep you posted.

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