AS FAP of Yaounde and Stade Renard of Melong will clash this Sunday June 30, 2019, in the final of the football cup of Cameroon. It will be the first time the two sides are playing the Cameroon cup final, and the stakes are certainly high on both sides.

AS FAP of Yaounde were the surprise package, haven knocked out heavyweights like Cotonsport and UMS, on their way to the final. This time around, another big name, Stade Renard of Melong comes calling, but the Arm force and police boys seems ready for the challenge.

In an exclusive interview with on the eve of the final, FAP’s Midfielder, Gael Noukeu says they know the challenge that awaits them, but insisted that they are ready for it. He said “we have being preparing very well and the final is something very important for all the players. We have to just show what we know”.

Stade Renard on their part, brought down 2017 winners New Stars of Douala, Fovu of Baham and Dragon on their way to the final, but Noukeu thinks that’s no reason to pannick. “Stade Renard is a big team, they are in the league one and we are in league two, but this is Football. If you are not a good team, you can not reach the final. If we defeated Cotonsport, Fortuna, UMS and others, why not do same to Stade Renard. Stade Renard is just a team like others. We give respect to them, but we are not scared of them”, said Gael Noukeu.

He added that the final means so much for AS FAP, given that they failed in the last minute, to get a ticket for the league one championship. Asked about the reactions amongst FAP players after a last minute buckle in their quest to get promotion to the top flight, Noukeu added “we felt very sad when we did not win our last game in the playoffs against Bamboutos, which could have taken us to the league one. But that is Football. We have the opportunity to rectify our mistake, in the Cameroon cup final”.

Gael Noukeu is a household name in Cameroon Football, haven enjoyed his best stint in the ranks of Tonnerre Kalara club of yaounde. He later moved to Cotonsport of Garoua, though his stay in the North regional capital, was marred with injuries. He then returned to the center region, to join FAP. The former Cintra of yaounde and Vogt Athletic club man will be hoping for a place in FAP’s starting XI to face Stade Renard on Sunday.

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