FOVU club of Baham has beaten Canon Sportive of yaounde 3#0, to book a place in the 8th final of the Cameroon cup.

Canon had the opportunity to open scores just six minutes into the game from the penalty spot, but Alexis Arnold Mbetounou had his penalty saved by goalkeeper Armand Kuipou.

The two sides were then involved in an end to end contest, but most of the clear cut scoring opportunities went the way of Canon, though they could not go pass goalkeeper Armand Kuipou.

At the 37 minutes of the game, Bertrand Yossa Kibaba capitalized on a defensive error from Junior Ngede Ngede, got goalkeeper Georges Carel Ekassi beaten, before slotting the ball to the back of an empty net, to make it 1#0 for FOVU.

One minute later, Victor Mengue in a similar move doubled FOVU’s lead. This was then followed by some nervous moments in Canon’s box, until when center referee, Bito Jeannot send the two sides back to the dressing room.

Coach Samuel Noufessi of Canon effected two substitutions earlier in the second half, with Romuald Ndzana coming in for Junior Ngede Ngede, while Loic Kouley ceded his place to Herve Mola Zoa, while on the side of FOVU, 2018 League one assist king, Solomon Enouga, took the place of Njongmu Rudolf.

FOVU then dominated the rest of contest, until Palis Olivier broke loose at the 93rd minutes, to make it 3#0 for FOVU

With a ticket for the Cameroon cup 8th final already secured, FOVU will be heading next to Limbe, where they will fight for their stay in the league one championship. For Canon, Leopard Sportive of Douala is calling on Saturday, as they attempt to get a ticket for the league one championship.