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After match day four of the Women’s Handball World Cup in group B and C, the elimination of Africa’s representatives, Dr Congo and Senegal was confirmed.

The Senegal and Congo had failed to win any of its four and three matches played so far making their last two and three group matches inconsequential as a win in the remaining games will not be enough to qualify them.

Debutant, Senegal had lost today to Hungary 30-20 in their fourth match of the competition dashing the hope of qualification to the next round.

Senegal had lost to Spain, Romania and Montenegro while Dr Congo who plays China tomorrow had lost to Japan, Russia and Sweden.

Meanwhile, African Champions, Angola have it all to play for as they need to win their remaining two matches to qualify.

Their qualification seem bleak as they play two top teams; Norway and Cuba to secure next round ticket.

Angolan sport commentator, Timóteo António Unkunkulu, says this about Angola’s match on Thursday ”This is the hardest group so far, no team yet is qualified or eliminated. Everyone can still go through or be eliminated. The last two games will decide everything. Angola will surely defeat Cuba and struggle to draw or win the Norway, the current group leader.”

The Pearls will play Norway tomorrow morning.

Matchday 4

Hungary 30 – 20 Senegal

(Group C)
China vs DR Congo (Group D)
Norway vs Angola (Group A)

Matchday 5
6 December (Friday)
Senegal vs Kazakhstan
Angola vs Cuba
Argentina vs DR Congo

1-Norway 6 pts
2-Netherlands 4 pts (+29)
3-Serbia 4 pts (+23)
4-Angola 2 pts (-5)
5-Slovenia 2 pts (-19)
6-Cuba 0 pt (-78)

1-Spain 8 pts (+55) *Qualified*
2-Montenegro 8 pts (+15) *Qualified*
3-Hungary 4 pts (+29)
4-Romania 4 pts (-9)
5-Senegal 0 pt (-28) *eliminated*
6-Kazakhstan 0 pt (-62) *eliminated*

1-Russia 6 pts (+49) *Qualified*
2-Sweden 6 pts (+31)
3-Japan 4 pts
4-Argentina 2 pts
5-China 0 pt (-34)
6-DR Congo 0 pt (-43) Eliminated

Fixtures and standing are courtesy Timóteo António Unkunkulu


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